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Summer Beauty & Skin Care Tips with Claire Ashley

September 04, 2020

Claire Ashley, beauty expert, smiling in a white blouse with black polka dots.

Hi there!  My name is Claire Ashley, and I’m a professional makeup artist and beauty influencer in the Washington DC area. For over 10 years, I’ve documented my beauty revelations through online video to empower women with my best beauty tips and product recommendations. I’ve partnered with brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Laura Mercier, and many others to bring value through video and educate about the beauty industry.                                                                             

My online presence has led to my current role as content creator for the TLC network in my weekly how-to beauty series called “Love Yourselfie.” In this series I showcase a three-minute video each week where I teach something new for a large audience.

I am also part of a collaborative influencer-driven makeup line called COL- LAB, which is available online and in 3,000 Sally Beauty stores! It has been three years since its launch, and we continue to come out with products based on what our audiences are looking for.

The backbone of my work is definitely being a professional makeup artist after receiving over five years of training atMAC Cosmetics.I specialize in weddings, film, print, and makeup lessons in the Washington DC area. I am so grateful for the brand I’ve created online as it has enabled me to connect with more women in person and to be a part of their special events through makeup!

Beauty expert Claire Ashley is posing in front of a video camera applying makeup.

 #Little Luxuries 

The way I infuse little luxuries in my life is through scents. I am a big believer in aromatherapy and what it can do to your mood, so I surround myself with scents I love to bring me joy.   I use a lavender diffuser while I get ready for bed to help signal my body that it's time to relax and unwind.  I married my highschool sweetheart, and I still wear the perfume that I wore when we first started dating to keep those memories alive! It's all about infusing scents into my skincare routine, cleaning supplies I use around the house, and candles to bring me joy.

 I hope you enjoy some of my favorite summer beauty & skin care tips below!


  • CC creams are a great option to wear at the beach or pool; they have important skincare properties in them like moisturizer and give protection with SPF. They give a natural, even complexion to the skin while overall keeping your base light.

  • If using eyeshadow, stick with neutral tones. Try using your bronzer as a natural eyeshadow color!

  • Waterproof mascara! If you want it to look more natural, opt for a brown smudge-proof mascara. Fun fact: waterproof formulas hold eyelash curl better than regular mascara!

  • Avoid using too much highlighter. As much as we want to glow at the pool, remember that it can get hot and the sun will pick up the extra shimmer, which can make us look sweatier than we are. No thanks!

  • Choose a lip color that’s just a little bit more pigmented than your natural lip color. I like to go for a hydrating lip balm that has a little bit of color to enhance and also nourish the lips.

Woman on the beach in a straw hat looking out at the ocean.


  • Whether wearing makeup or not, always apply a minimum of SPF 30 to the face to protect you skin from sun damage

  • Try a mineral-based SPF sunscreen! Mineral-based sunscreens leave less of a white cast, work quicker than chemical sunscreens, and cause less irritation to the skin.

  • Wear a large stylish hat if you are going to be in direct sunlight to provide more protection. Your skin will be shaded, and you’ll look fabulous. Win-win!

  • Pay attention to the times of day when you will be in the sun; check the UV index to know when the sun will be the strongest that day and take extra precautions accordingly.

  • Let sunscreen absorb at least 15 minutes before making contact with any water. Reapply sunscreen products every hour to ensure protection.

To learn more, visit and follow along at @claireashleybeauty

Photo Credit: Abby Grace Photography

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