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STAYkini Reviews

Check out what women are saying who have worn STAYkini®

I couldn't be more excited about this brand! It's really revolutionizing what swimwear can be; eliminating tan lines without sacrificing support or functionality. The best part is that it truly stays in place; no pulling up or retying required. Pool and beach days are about to get way easier.

Lindsey W.

The thing I love about STAYkini is NO-TAN-LINES to worry about when I’m enjoying some sunshine. I’m pretty sporty and feel confident that I can swim, run and move while wearing STAYkini and will have no problem. The color options are ALL gorgeous and compliment my skin complexion. Such a fun set. The Reef color is just beautiful.

Mona L.

The attention to detail is amazing! I love the luxe feel of the fabric. It’s very high quality and it makes me feel confident and stylish.

Sarah H.

STAYkini suits are extremely comfortable with the softest material. I love how they fit you in all the right places and do not pinch in any unwanted places. The bikinis are great for action and movement!

Andrea C.

STAYkini is such a fun brand, and the suits are life changing! The bikini top is so innovative, and I am obsessed with the high waisted bottoms. The material feels so expensive, and the color options are perfect. I feel so confident and comfortable in my new suit!!

Stephanie L.

I’ve never felt more secure in a bikini than I did in the STAYkini! I love that I can move freely, and I don’t have to worry about any mishaps. It’s so supportive and feels amazing.

Gabby A.

I give STAYkini 5 stars!  The Get a Grips were really easy to affix, and I was amazed by how secure I felt wearing the top.  I had no worries of it falling down, sagging, or drooping.  The fabric is super soft and comfortable, I love the color choices, and there are style options to flatter every body type.  I highly recommend this product!

Jenn M.

STAYkini is a versatile bathing suit in a classic style that flatters everybody & every BODY! The fabric is insanely soft, the colors are flattering and on trend and the best part is that I can steer clear of tan lines! I don't have to worry that it'll slip off or that a tiny movement will leave me exposing more than I planned. All I have to worry about is soaking up some sun.

Olivia D.

No more tan lines, no more accidental slips, and safe for a family vacation! What an awesome design...How did no one think of this before?!?

Maggie T.

STAYkini exceeded my expectations! The whole idea of no tan lines is perfect when needing to tan before a special event. I cannot wait to wear my STAYkni and be active at the beach with no problem!

Whitney H.

STAYkini is an amazing product I would recommend for anyone who wants to achieve nice tan lines while being active. It’s carefree and stays in place. I wore mine sweating and hiking up a mountain and it stayed perfectly. Added bonus is soft fabric and amazing colors to pick from!

Stephanie B.

This swimsuit is a game changer! The quality is amazing and I love how comfortable and flattering it is to wear. It stays in place while I chase my kids around the beach. And the best part – NO TAN LINES!

Allison S.


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