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How To Tutorials

how to make it STAY

Bikini / Tankini

our small-but-mighty Get a Grips™ on the Fasten Fabric.


each Get a Grip™ to expose the Lock and Lift™ adhesive.

Pull & Press

firmly on clean skin that’s free from lotions, oils and sunscreen.

Stacie’s Tips

  • Our tops stay best when you peel and press one side at a time. I recommend you start on the right side of your top. Then, repeat on the left side. Remember, you only get one shot.
  • I love to add extra Get a Grips™ across the top. For the tankini, I also add them along the sides for extra security on family vacations. Simply use the Get a Grips™ whole or cut to size!
  • Watch the video above for more helpful tips.

how to make it STRAPPY


our HookUps™ on the back strap Fasten Fabric.


and align the back strap Fasten Fabric to the garment’s Fasten Fabric

*Your exterior swimsuit fabric should touch for a seamless look.

Stacie’s Tips

  • Add the neck strap for the strappiest look with the back strap, or on its own.
  • Unlike our Get a Grips™, you can use your HookUps™ as many times as you’d like.
  • Watch the video above for more helpful tips.


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